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The elegance of ancient handwriting through the Venetian Pens

The story tells us that the first dip pens with inkpots were produced in the nineteenth century in England. These delicate and unique pens give you the chance to bring the elegance of the art of writing to our modern times. This can be achieved through our wide selection of Artistic Glass Pens from Venice which will enhance your creative and special activities.

The Pencils, Dip Pens with Inkpots and writing instruments such as Murano glass Pens are made by our master craftsmen exclusively by hand following the ancient art of Venetian glass. They employ special techniques using a small flame to heat the glass, creating effects which recall the technique of Phoenician glass making and embelishing these writing instruments with the addition of precious 24 carat gold leaf inside the hot glass. You will definitely find your ideal gift from the wide choice of Murano Pens and blown glass pen Holders offered on our online store. Some examples of the occasions perfect for offering such a gift:

Wedding Anniversary gift

Graduation from highschool or University

A perfect gift for a Journalist or Writer

An ideal gift for a guest to an invitation of a book launch or book reading

Prizes for writing or literary contests

Rewards for the best students

Christmas and other Holidays

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