Murano Glass Figurines

In this section you will find a large selection of Murano glass subjects made entirely by hand by our glass masters following the old tradition of Murano art. Discover the figurines and objects such as the glass lovers, the Goldonian ladies, the subjects taken for example by the famous Venetian masks, the Saracen Moor with candelabra in his hand, the collection of Chinese embellished with gold leaf. if you do not find your object, we can make it in glass at the request of the customer, ideal for a corporate or prestige gift.

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Gold Chinese

Price €120.00
Beautiful shapes   in   glass   collection   called " Chinese".  The   oriental charm   meets venetian   glass   in these...

Chinese Sitting

Price €120.00
Here's another beautiful figurine of the collection  Murano Chinese Figurines . It is a delicate Chinese lady on her knees with her arms...

Chinese Man Kneeling

Price €120.00
Designed by Formia Glass, a beautiful Murano Glass Chinese from the "Cinesi" collection. It is a delicate handcrafted Murano Glass Figurine of a...

Chinese standing with hat

Price €120.00
Here's another   beautiful   figurine   of the collection   " Chinese".  It is   a delicate   Chinese lady   standing with   arms folded .  The...

Goldonian Figures

Price €240.00
Pair of   Murano glass figures , the Ladies  "Goldoniane "  glass   entirely handmade   embellished   with inserts   of   24 carat gold .  The...


Price €240.00
Pair of   figures   in Murano glass ,  the   " Columbine"  masks   typical of venetian   glass   entirely handmade   embellished   with inserts...

Moro Saraceno

Price €320.00
" Moro"  with   candle-holder   in solid glass   Murano   on white base   paste   and finished   in   colors such as red   on   black with   blue...