Murrina Pendants

Venetian glass classic mosaic Murrina Pendants with 925/000 Sterling Silver rim and clasp. They are 10 milimeters in diameter and entirely handmade by master Murano glass-makers.

The metal portions (rim and clasp) are made Made from 925/000 Sterling Silver and available in either the original silver color or Gold-plated. The price also includes the Box (50x50 mm) Murrina Pendant and a Certificate of Murano Glass Authenticity. The chain is not included and as our products are entirely handmade, their compositions, shapes, colours and dimensions can vary slightly.

Murrine Millefiori Pendants important information: Please note that these pictures have been taken of a Murrina 32 mm in diameter. Because of the difficulty in realizing this handmade product, the shape, design and colors can vary slightly on the basis of its measures.

Our Murrina Pendants - Venetian Glass Mosaic - are classic pendants that our Venetian Murano Store manufactures and sells. They are worked with the "mosaic murrine" technique, creating unique effects of colorful wildflowers. Enjoy the entire collection of pendants crafted in millefiori murrine glass from by our artisans in Murano, Venice.

This is one of our most popular categories when it comes to jewelry and the products you will find here are greatly appreciated for their quality. They make for perfect gifts that you can offer your loved ones on any occasion. The beatuful colors and intricate design resembling a floral tapestry make them unique objects of glass art. Choose the perfect gift from our wide variety of mosaic, murrine and millefiori pendants as well as lampwork glass pendants, all hand-made by skilled Venetian artists.

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