Murano Glass Wristwatches as gifts for special occasion!

In this section of our online store you will find a wide variety of Murano Glass Watches, all of them made with an excellent quality Japanese quartz mechanism while the original dial is made from Millefiori decorative Muranoglass.

Our Venetians Watches stand out thanks to their originality, elegance and precision. Thanks to the sleight of hand of our master craftsmen they meticulously prepare small pieces of millefiori glass canes which are then cut carefully and heated. Through careful glass melting they will end up with this decorative effect in an explosion of unique colors. The precision required to craft murrino glass is also reflected on the watches as they are also very precise. The advantage of having one of our watches is the exclusivity of Murano glass which makes each one of them unique. They are ideal for a special gift for your best friend, your girlfriend or your wife on a romantic day like Valentine s or her birthday. And if you are going to order one of our beautiful Murano Glass watches why not take a look at our other items of jewelry as well? You will surely find a beautiful piece of Venetian art that perfectly matches the wristwatch.

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