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Our Murano glass bracelets are made from quality materials and are produced in the heart of Venice by experienced glasswrokers who are keeping a centuries old tradition alive. We offer a wide variety of Venetian Glass Jewelry and Murano Glass Bead Bracelets in many differet designs, colors and finishes using only the highest quality Venetian Beads available.

Murano is the cradle of the ancient art of Venetian glass beads therefore you won t find a better place for these beautiful products than our online store. Glass Bracelets are adorned with beads in gold and silver leafs, submerged glass and precious frames.

A bracelet is a beautiful gift for any occasion and they are a superb accessory that can be used by fashion minded women with many fashion styles from classic to the latest trends.

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Twist Bracelet

Price €43.44
Bracelet with Murano glass beads and pearls. The black and gold intertwined strands of beads make this bracelet an elegant and designer...

Capri bracelet

Price €37.70
Bracelet with colored stones in Murano glass. Available in two color variants: lilac and teal/light blue. The stones are decorated with...

Masai Bracelet

Price €45.08
Bracelet made of Murano glass stones , available in Black, Green/Grey and Electric Blue . Its shape with large, elongated stones makes the Masai...

Beads Bracelet [Perle]

Price €37.70
Bracelet with black, aqua green, amber and  antique pink Murano glass nuggets Beads. Unique variant. Gift box included.

Sahara Bracelet

Price €31.15
Bracelet made of stones and Murano glass beads. Available in 3 colour variants: amber, light blue and green . An eye-catching bracelet made up...

Cuore Bracelet

Price €31.97
Bracelet with heart-shaped Murano glass beads. This bracelet is a unique variation , decorated with gold leaf and aventurine. A simple yet...

Juliet Bracelet

Price €40.16
Bracelet with precious pastel and transparent glass beads in Murano glass. Available colors: Glossy pastel red - Glossy pastel orange - Glossy...

Moon Bracelet

Price €21.31
Soft touch silicone Bracelet with central stone in decorated Murano glass. Color variants available on request.

Dalmatian Bracelet

Price €45.90
Bracelet with Murano glass stones. Unique variant. Matching Necklace and Earrings.

Miù Bracelet [Mosaico]

Price €23.77
Murano glass bracelet composed of pastel coloured mosaic glass beads . Available colours: Light Blue - Turquoise - Green - Red - Pink - Black -...

Africa Bracelet

Price €41.80
Bracelet with Murano glass stones submerged in golden leaf, available in brown variant and coordinated earrings and necklace.