Silver-Gold Gold Silver PictureFrames  



36,00 €

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The Murano glass pictureframes is suitable for your classic furniture and framing the magical moments of your life. Made of glass melting submerging the gold or silver leaf to crystal glass submerged. Now available in different sizes. Gift box available.

Model 564
Material Murano Glass
Work Technique Fusion Glass
Sizes See the drop-down product menu
Packaging Choose your favorite gift box from the product menu
Availability 2-20 days ( varies depending on stock availability )

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Gold Silver PictureFrames 


  • Product Name:Silver-Gold
  • Product Reference: 564
  • Price: 36,00
  • Product Width: 25.00 CM
  • Product Height: 20.00 CM
  • Product Depth: 30.00 CM
  • Product Weight: 1.00 KG
  • Description: Gold Silver PictureFrames  

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