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Necklace with glass beads

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Murano glass pendant

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Watches with Murrina of Venice

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Murano Glass Rings

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Murano Glass Earrings

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Orecchini in vetro di Murano

Price: 82,32 €
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Murano Glass Romantic Jewelry

Celebrate love with a unique gift made from beautiful Murano Glass!

The most obvious choice is a heart-shaped pendant, hand made by the best glass artists of Venice. But there are also rings, necklaces and earrings, all of them lovingly crafted from beautiful, colored Murano Glass. An occasion such as your Wedding Anniversary or Valentine's day can be celebrated with a precious gift like the ones we offer in this category. Gift boxes are available of course along with certificates of warranty and authenticity for each precious jewel in the Romantic Gifts category of our online store.