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Halloween in Murano: An Island of Mystery and Tradition

Halloween in Murano: An Island of Mystery and Tradition

1. Murano Glass Haunting

Murano is the ideal place to discover the magic of glass and, during Halloween, this material comes to life in a spooky way. Many glass shops on the island offer special Halloween-themed creations, such as glass skulls, sinister lanterns and decorated candles. Choose a scary souvenir to take home and remember your visit to Murano during Halloween.

2. Halloween-themed glass workshops

Attend a special Halloween-themed glass workshop. These workshops allow you to directly experience glass art and create your own Halloween-themed object under the guidance of expert glass masters. It will be a unique and creative experience that will leave you with a spooky memory.

3. Night Tours of the Island

Organize a night tour to explore the island of Murano in a mysterious atmosphere. As night falls, the island transforms into a place of legends and ghostly stories. A night tour will take you past tranquil canals, quiet alleys and ancient buildings, while a guide shares tales and legends of Murano.

4. Venetian Masquerade Party

Halloween in Murano can become an even more magical experience by wearing a traditional Venetian mask. Attend a Halloween-themed masquerade party and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, including dancing, masks and spectacular costumes.

5. Traditional Fish Dinner

While enjoying your Halloween evening in Murano, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a traditional fish dinner. Local restaurants offer delicious dishes prepared with fresh fish, including the famous spaghetti with squid ink, to make your evening even more memorable.


Halloween in Murano offers a unique experience, where artistic glass combines with the mysticism of the party. Whether you choose to explore the canals in a mysterious atmosphere, participate in creative workshops or immerse yourself in the art of Venetian masks, this lagoon island offers an unforgettable experience to celebrate Halloween in a spooky way. Murano awaits you with its enchanted glass and its lagoon magic.

Halloween in Murano: An Island of Mystery and Tradition


on ott 30, 2023

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