Murano Glass Gifts, Presents Ideas 

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Murano glass candies

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Blown Crystal Candlestick

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Table glass flower

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Murano vase flower

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Engraved crystal objects

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Satin Frost Glass 09 Grapes

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Glass Handkerchiefs Murrines

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Glass empty pockets

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Blown glass Stoppers

Price: 24,00 €
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Favors, Gifts, Glass Objects and Presents. We have the best Gift Ideas for Murano Glass

What better time for a special glass gift idea?

Browse through our Creations and Collection for the best gifts! In our shop you can find many ideas if you're looking for a gift to offer on a special occasion. We offer Religious Objects, Sacred items, crystal glassware, collection goblets, small vases, candlesticks, candies, glass flowers (orchids, wisteria, bouquet flowers, flowers in glass compositions), bunches of grapes, fruit with satin glass, plates, ashtrays, glass stoppers made from murano glass and stainless steel, pictureframes, clocks made from blown glass, bowls, jars as well as many tea table and kitchen items. We manufacture specially designed wedding favors and also favors for your anniversary, celebration, ceremony or any other significant event. We create collections made ​​specifically to your design. These can range from simple objects taken and reshaped from our catalogue or gift ideas for a specific type of wedding favor you want for your ceremony. We can bring your ideas to life when it comes to accessories which complement the theme or the wedding gown worn by the bride with delicate items like a wreath or bouquets of glass flowers. At the same time we are open to even your most extravagant suggestions so please contact us, tell us your ideas for a dream ceremony and we will make it come true.