Murano glass furniture, Home and Table Decor 

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Italian art glass for furniture, complements, ornaments for your stylish home decor

Take full advantage of the art of Murano glass as a complement for your home decor! Enliven your environment with the most famous glasse in the world. Our original glass creations are objects of art that stand out thanks to their sophistication, luxury and prestige. This makes them well suited for the style of architecture and decor of your home. Each object will give your furniture a unique touch of class and create a welcoming setting whether your prefer classical, modern or stylish surroundings. Discover our collections of cups, vases, goblets, centerpieces, mirrors, glassware for the table , the famous "Goths de Fornase" tumblers, candelabra and candlesticks and artistic objects: sculptures, animals and figurines for a classic-style décor, traditional, ethnic and modern pieces. You will love to live in your personal environment thanks to objects and furnishings that create feelings of warmth and happiness while the light, color and shine of these wonderful glass decorations provide a magic atmosphere.