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Murano Bracelet with Glass Beads

Price: 19,00 €
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Murano glass necklace

Price: 32,76 €
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Bunch of Glass Flowers

Price: 80,64 €
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Gold engraved Jugs

Price: 30,00 €
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Crucifixes in molten glass

Price: 25,00 €
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Table Clocks Arabesque

Price: 34,00 €
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Glass Plates, Vessels

Price: 96,00 €
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Glass Gold Pens

Price: 32,00 €
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Glasses glass pastel

Price: 48,00 €
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Murano Store offers a complete catalog of of Murano glass gifts to be present given with love. Discover the many offers and get inspiration for a great gift idea from our range of Murano glass products.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge but Murano Store is here to help! In you are looking for original gift ideas just head over to one of our sections and choose the one that best fits the tastes and personality of the person you are offering the present to. You can quickly find gifts for women, for men, ideas for wedding gifts and corporate gifts and also a special section of Romantic Presents you can offer to your beloved.

All the products you will find are made from the world famous Murano Glass of Venice, Italy. Everything you see here is carefully handcrafted by experienced artisans who are keeping the centuries old tradition of Venetian glass making alive.