Gold Sailboats Medium Glass Sailboats



420,00 €

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Glass sailboat for your home decor. This beautiful art piece is worked completely at free hand and grinded and polished on the bottom of the hull. Available colors is crystal hull and pure gold leaf submerge into the crystal glass. Piece intended for one Piece.

Model 809
Material Murano Glass
Work Technique Blown glass and hand-worked
Height 15,00 cm / 5.85 in
Packaging Choose your favorite gift box from the product menu
Availability 2-20 days ( varies depending on stock availability )

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Gold Sailboats

Gold Sailboats

Medium Glass Sailboats


  • Product Name:Gold Sailboats
  • Product Reference: 809
  • By Murano Design
  • Price: 420,00
  • Product Width: 0.00 CM
  • Product Height: 0.00 CM
  • Product Depth: 0.00 CM
  • Product Weight: 1.50 KG
  • Description: Medium Glass Sailboats

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