Murano glass decor: widest selection of high quality

Murano glass decor

Murano glass decor will enhance any space, with its unique appearance and exclusivity. The Murano Store stocks a wide variety of decorative pieces in Murano glass to enthrall anybody. The glass makes a wonderful gift for celebrations or special occasions, whether chosen to enhance a home or business premises.

Some of the precious Murano glass decorative pieces available include elegant chandeliers which will add a distinguished touch to any home, colourful ashtrays and occasional plates which are great accent pieces on tables and furnishings, handmade glass tumblers in a variety of colours and designs, and intricate flower ornaments which will grace any bedroom or boudoir.

Murano is a renowned centre for glassmaking and designers use historic techniques to craft their fine glassware. Some of the typical Murano glassmaking techniques include multicoloured millefiori work, aventurine which is glass threaded with precious gold, lattimo, featuring milky white glass, and smalto enameled glass. The glass made on the Venetian island of Murano is prized for its intricacy and beauty. You can choose from small pieces of Murano glass decor, such as animal ornaments or small plates, or opt for larger Murano ware, such as 12-light chandeliers.

Browse the entire range of Murano glass decor objects at the Murano Store today.

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