Murano crystal chandeliers: timeless elegance

Murano crystal chandeliers

The Murano Store stocks a wide range of exclusive Murano crystal chandeliers in traditional, classic and contemporary styles. The elegant crystal chandeliers are designed to exacting standards and can be fitted with European or US wiring to suit customer requirements.

The Redentore chandelier is an extravagant gold and crystal chandelier, featuring a beautiful leaf and flower design that will add distinction to any living area. The eight light Canaregio chandelier is handmade and will be a decorative addition to any home. The Canaregio features intricate and delicate crystal flowers on upright stems in translucent crystal and gold, with suspended crystals to cast rainbows of light throughout the room.

Contemporary Murano crystal chandeliers feature more minimalist designs and are available in a variety of colours, with or without glass light shades. LED light crystal chandeliers will be the focus of any living area and will be sure to attract admiration and positive comments from guests and visitors.

These unique LED light chandeliers are handcrafted from crystal and metals, with intricate flower ornamentation and feature LED lighting in the central frame of the light. Find the most beautiful and intricate collection of Italian chandeliers to suit your living space at the Murano Store.

Discover our Murano crystal chandeliers and buy now your prefered!

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