How to identify a fake Murano Glass

With this guide we want to inform you how to ensure a perfect purchase of an authentic Murano glass piece.


Murano glass has to be understood not only as a brand: it must instead indicate objects produced with a specific glass and executed with special techniques from ancient tradition of Murano. Such glass is composed of sand, sodium (allows the elasticity and workability) and arsenic (in doses experienced as non-toxic, to remove the bubbles during the process of machining). Anything that is not composed of these elements can not be categorized as "Murano glass". Also in the glasses "not Murano" often are noticed bubbles and imperfections; the thickness of the glass is not thin making it appear "coarse" the object. But what is important to know is that these glasses may be composed of highly toxic materials !: I would not drink a glass of whom do not know the history and composition. In recent years as the protection of the products of Murano they have created the trademark of "Artistic Murano Glass'we support this initiative, which is managed with different actions including legal to prevent the counterfeiting of products of Murano: any company belonging to the consortium may 'so put their own stamp on the object ended up guarantee its origin. We think that any action promoting the sale of our products is always welcome! But we feed some eyebrows (so we have adhered to the mark) and, like us, many other companies Murano: join the consortium involves a considerable outlay of money for each object especially for small craft companies. One senses the non-sustainability for a company to brand its products as candy or gift with sales prices by 5 to 15 euro to which must be added another 5 euro mark for them: it would discourage sales only ! This operation certainly befits those who sell many vessels copyright or chandeliers but it is a strategy unenforceable for small objects. Poor adherence to the consortium of companies (48 out of 200 of the island actually) proves that the artisans can not afford the cost of the brand. In our view, a company that manufactures in Murano does not need a trademark (already working on the island, with verifiable business profile): in our case we prefer to invite you at our factories and make you see the work, making touch or admire the products by hand, by ensuring our certificate of authenticity and we guarantee the same quality in service sales.


1. Be wary of those who sell products in Murano glass of clear little value or low price (-30-40%) can be an early sign of fraud, as a product of Murano glass has a high value because its his handwork, craft took a long time to execute.

2. The products of Murano are unique and different from each to another: Small imperfections in the form are the hallmark of a job done exclusively by hand by our master craftsmen. The products in series such as those of Chinese manufacture are made in series by molds and in the shortest time possible to maintain low selling prices. Other machining operations not typical of Murano are the colored glass or painted at cold, while a hot working of our Murano furnaces it is such that the color will not fade over time guaranteeing the resistance.

3. If you have any doubt ask also about the company that produces it, address, factory and website: they offer guarantee and certificate of authenticity? Also before purchasing Ensure long there is the after-sales support: we often receive emails from people not satisfied from purchase product, maybe arrived broken that were not supported by the after-sales service. We also guarantee the withdrawal money back within 30 days.

In conclusion:

Visit us in our furnace, and consultants dedicated to you will explain the phases of production and the techniques used by our master glassmakers. You will see live artists at work, understanding so their sacrifices in front of furnaces with 750° of temperature and how long it will serve to make a small object in his hand. In recent years many companies have had to leave the island and moved to 30-40 km for not having to close (to produce Murano became almost impossible due to the high cost of production of gas) and a choice logistics is equally guaranteed until standard high accompanied by certificates of guarantee and with immediate shipment (larger stores and supplied). At any time you can choose to visit our factory in Murano, being able to check on what said.