Murano Store develops lighting "turnkey" projects, providing solutions for Hotels, Resorts, Residences, shops and private villas. We cover design, production, transportation, installation, choice of materials and frames for your lighting project. Our long history working with Murano glass allows us to know the needs of different clienteles with wide raning targets and goals, style and prestige. Our experience and expertise is at your service for major projects in the field of contract works.
For a particular project you can browse our entire site and draw inspiration for interior design that best fits luxury orprestigious hotels, shops and restaurants as well as bars, cruise ships, theatres, concert halls and even airports. Our company also also open to collaboration with your designers and architects, creating specially tailored products based on the demands and needs of any specific customer.

1. Murano Store for contract
Murano store designs and manufactures products in collaboration with other companies working in lighting projects. The Heritage is common to all companies and we harmoniously work together in the activity of marketing, research and development, management as well as technical and creative skills. High quality standards are guaranteed for every brand.

2. Murano Store in the world
In addition to traditional target markets such as Europe and the United States where we have been involved in already for many years, Murano Store operates successfully in other international markets like the Middle and Far East, Oceania, Africa and South America.

3. Advantages
Our advantage is having a wide and constantly updated range of products to meet every requirement in terms of functionality and cost, selected from among the current offerings of various companies, specially crafted or bought from outside suppliers, but still in contracting, or with full responsibility on the entire contract is a guarantee for the success of all work done by Murano Store Contract division.

4. Some references
Venice Film Festival in Venice, Lido - Hotel Baglioni, Verona and Parma - Opera Café, Avignon (France) - Hotel Murano, Tacoma (USA) - Villa Prizzi, Rome - City of Turin, Turin - Restaurant Scaiecat, Stockholm (Sweden ) - Show clock Project Orianne Collins, Basel (Switzerland) - hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo (Monaco).

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