Murano Glass Corporate Gifts

Unique Executive Gifts, Corporate Gifts for Companies, Customized & Promotional Gifts projects and designs glass items and objects for your corporate gifts with the ability to customize them from the moment of creation with company logos, glass engravings in gold, screen printing or laser engraving as well as gift boxes customized depending on the requirements of the customer. You can directly consult our page with Corporate gifts or download our PDF catalogs. Contact us now for a free quotation at:

Representative Gifts

These are perfect tributes to strengthen the bond between you and your customers! Maintaining and improving the relationship with your clients is the most important aspect of a business gift. For your prestigious awards we propose vases, bowls, paperweights, photo frames and desktop objects like a clock or a vessel.

Executive Gifts - Business Gifts

A Prestigious item of Glass Art is a successful Executive Gift. A custom created gift, a trophy, a plaque made from glass and precious metals are all perfect for business dinners or as a recognition of someone's important work. We are also able to provide wonderful glass souvenirs to offer at the end of an incentive trip or an executive group vacation!

Custom Luxury Corporate Gifts

The Venetian art is at your service and you are welcome to share your ideas with us! We produce custom glass luxury items directly designed and commissioned by you! We can also create custom, unique gifts in limited editions, signed and numbered on each item produced.

Customized Gifts Items

Promotional items as business gifts are a good way to assure clients and partners of the strong bonds between you. We can also create lines of economic items for your corporate gifts at a low cost for large runs. These custom pieces can range from leisure objects, desk objects, pocket object, small clocks, racks or keychains.

Corporate Gifts for events, meetings and special occasions

Our proposals for your Business Gifts

Executive Gifts, promotional unique and original items are full of excitement but also with the old tradition of Venice! A prestigious gift, large or small, is a sign of appreciation. Choosing a Murano glass corporate gift is actually giving an exclusive, refined product and is definitely worth it for an assured success. Unique products like the glass of the Doges, objects sought and carefully selected and collectible art are an elegant idea for your corporate gifts.

On any special occasions, Corporate gifts and promotional luxury products made from Murano Glass are fascinating! Within our online store you will surely find a product for any event that requires a certain prestige: a meeting, a convention, a congress, a conference, business dinners, holidays corporate meetings or year-end parties. Behind us we have much experience on company gifts for men and in some cases we can also provide delivery directly to the hotel or venue of the corporate event, one such example being the Hilton Mulino Stucky in Venice. We can also delivery to Rome, Milano, Naples or in the other part of the world without problems and with fast shipments.

To hightlight the exclusivity and uniqueness of the gufts, items can be signed and numbered! We can customize your gifts chosen from the entire Murano Store online catalog or they can be tailor-made based on your design or with your company logo. Our work can improve your event, adapting the products to your needs, even in a limited edition and / or numbered signature. Consult our ONLINE STORE or visit the GIFTS section.

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