Murano Glass Repair | Chandeliers SPARE PARTS

Your Chandelier is broken and you do not know where to find the right replacement part?

Are you tired of wasting your time trying to contac glass craftsmen who know how to help?

Remember that an original Murano Chandelier requires original parts! So, stop trying and send an email to request your replacement part!

Ask for a free estimate of the replacement parts and in your e-mail please do not forget to send us:

1 - The photos of the broken parts with a ruler for comparison of size (the largest number possible)

2 - Photos of some sister parts (if available);

3 - Number of spare parts;

4 - your exact address (for calculating shipping charges);

5 - Telephone Number.

Within a few hours, our office will estimate the cost of production of the required spare parts and will send a full free quote by email, including shipping costs and delivery times.