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Choose one precious Religious Gifts for your special favours

Check out our collection of Murano Glass Religious Gifts like Rosaries, Crucifixes, blown Glass Angels, decorated with pure 18 karat gold leaf. We have a lot of frames available with religious icoography: reliquia (relics), icons depicting Jesus, the Pope or the Holy Family.

A perfect gift for your favours thanks to our Venetian Religious items like Vatican themed gifts, murano glass rosaries with venetian beads, Icons with glass frames of Popes or Holy family, all handmade in Venice by the master artisans of Murano.

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Price €47.00
Blown Murano glass bells with beaded clapper, meticulously crafted by the glass masters Fabbio and Eddi Agrigentin in their Forge in Venice....

Trinity bells

Price €44.40
Murano blown glass bell s, meticulously crafted by the glass master Robby Fusi in his forge in Venice. Finished with colored decorations or...


Price €72.95
  Blown glass angels

Golgotha crucifixes

Price €83.61
Blown glass crucifixes handcrafted by our Murano artisans, hand finished with 18 carat gold enamel decoration. The price is intended for a...