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BARK & BAMBOO - Chandelier with amber threads

Chandelier in high quality Murano glass with 8 lights in white silver leaf and amber threads that give a sense of crème caramel.

   Availability: made to order

   Shipping: 20-30 days

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   Home setting --> LIVING ROOM / KITCHEN

   Type de meuble --> MODERN

   Decoration --> pastel glass + swarosky

   Safe and secure packaging!

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We are happy to offer you our Murano glass chandeliers from the new collection in the color of Bark. Using a simple, minimalist design, these chandeliers are distinguished by warm colors such as white and honey, white with silver leaf or brown redwood accompanied by silver leaf.

The natural color of tree bark along with the beautiful texture used for these glass chandeliers make them a perfect fit for any room that has solid wood furniture whether this is a bedroom, dining room, rusitc restaurant, library or bookshop.

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