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SAN GIORGIO - Acid Green Venetian Chandelier

Murano glass chandelier with the unmistakable style of flowers, leaves and curls of Venetian chandeliers. Available in red, black, blue and green and with 3,5,6 and 8 lights

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Delivery Time: 40 days

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4.9 42

MIMO - Minimal GREEN chandelier

High quality Murano glass chandelier worked entirely by hand by our master glassmakers. Available in red, black, blue, green, amethyst, crystal, amber and aquamarine colors and in 3,5,6 and 8 lights

   Availability: made to order

   Delivery Time: 20-30 days

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   Home setting --> LIVING ROOM / KITCHEN

   Type de meuble --> MODERN

   Decoration --> Fired glass + Gold leaf

   Safe and secure packaging!

4.9 42

Murano glass chandeliers in green color will highlight your love for youth and nature. Green light is also synonymous with going forward so it s a perfect choice if you want to create an atmosphere of hope and positivity.

Whether it reminds you of a lush green paradise or the rustic and calm pastures of the countryside in spring, this is a perfect color for a family home where you want to feel secure. At the same time, the hint of a shining emerald helps create a luxurious chandelier if tastefully matched with other decorative items. Anyway you regard it, a green glass chandelier is a beautiful addition to your home.

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