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Venetian Glass Jewelry: Italian Style Luxury!

Venetian Glass Jewelry pieces are perfect fashion accessories which offer style as well as luxury! Our Precious Italian Glass Creations are the result of the latest fashion trends and since these products are made in Italy you can be certain they were crafted to look beautiful but also to have the highest quality. From our collections you can choose many offers of murano glass Rings, Bracelets, Glass Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Mens Cufflinks, Brooches and hair clips. Our glass creations are made with intense passion for art. Producing luxury italian jewelry is a difficult choice as you have to face the challenges that the distribution, sale and competition imposes. The business partners and distributors working in the fashion and jewelry industries are very scrupulous and attentive to market trends nationally as well as globally. We are glad to have overcome all these challenges thanks to our focus on high quality and exquisite craftsmanship and over the years we have gained the trust of numerous partners worldwide, proof that our high standards of production match the expectations of the global market for luxury items. Our factory directly produces luxury jewellery and exports high quality products to many international markets such as Dubai, Australia, India, the Americas, Japan and Russia. Our experience and creativity will help you in your projects and if you have an idea to develop a precious glass jewelry piece or an exclusive collection you can contact us, we are happy to help you!

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Pendant Murrina Le Coeur

Price €19.67
Murrina glass pendant made using the technique of Murrina glass fusion, handmade by our skilled artisans in our Forge in Venice. Available in...

EarringsPendant Africa

Price €21.31
Murano Glass EarringsPendant earrings made of Murano glass stones, available in black and brown . Matching necklace and bracelet for both...

Twist Bracelet

Price €43.44
Bracelet with Murano glass beads and pearls. The black and gold intertwined strands of beads make this bracelet an elegant and designer...

Corintia Necklace

Price €42.62
Murano glass necklace with pearls decorated in gold available in different colors: water green, red, black, blue, gold.


Price €31.00
Murano Glass Rings


Price €27.00
Murano Glass Rings

Purse Bag holder - Coat hanger

Price €49.18
Coat hanger in Murano glass and chromed metal (nickel free), available in 10 different colors, entirely handmade by our Murano glass masters with...

Capri bracelet

Price €37.70
Bracelet with colored stones in Murano glass. Available in two color variants: lilac and teal/light blue. The stones are decorated with...

Twist Glass Necklace

Price €43.44
Necklace with strands of Murano glass beads. A choker necklace with an extremely elegant design for a special occasion. The Twist collection has...

Jungle Earrings

Price €27.87
Single variant Murano glass stone pendant earring. Green nugget-shaped pendant earring decorated with gold leaf and a small lilac pearl. An...

Lady Gold Watch

Price €35.86
Clock with glass composed of Venetian Murrina , quartz movement with Miyota (Citizen) or Seiko, Gold-plated metal case. The strap is in...

Vincenzo Cufflinks

Price €29.51
These Murano cufflinks are made by glass artisans who work the gold leaf together with the black glass obtaining a superb result. Add a touch of...