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RAINBOW - Sommerso vase in Murano glass

Massive Murano glass vases, with colorful striped designs or murrine inserts that are well suited to modern and design furnishings. The price is intended for a single item. Choose the model from the menu below. Gift wrapping available.

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Chosen for their aesthetics or for a specific function and location, Murano glass vases manage to fill spaces with style and elegance, giving a unique and refined touch.

The Exclusive Vases have shapes, colors and materials that differ from the classic or modern ones, admire them to be left empty or simply as a piece of furniture or to be filled with our Murano glass vase flowers.

Discover all the colors of Murano glass in the colored vases starting from transparent crystal to the pale colors of pink, the colors of the water of the sky such as aquamarine blue and cobalt blue, the colors of earth and fire from amber to orange and Venetian red.

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