Spare Parts for Lighting

Murano glass Spare parts for Chandeliers and Lamps

We produce spare parts and restoration works for all kinds of chandeliers

Do you have a chandelier or a broken lamp and do not know where to find a spare part?

Do You need a complete Restoration of an Antique Chandelier?

Are you tired of wasting your time contacting glass artisans who do not know how to help you?

Remember that a Murano original chandelier requires original parts!

So stop looking and send us an e-mail to request an offer!

Ask for a free quote for the renovation of your spare pieces parts by sending an email. Remember to indicate:

1 - The photos of the broken parts with a ruler to measure the size comparison.

2 - Photo of some entire twins parts (if available);

3 - Number of spare parts;

4 - your exact address (to calculate the shipping costs).

5 - Telephone number.

Within a few hours, our office can send an exact estimate of the cost of production of spare parts and will send you a free full quote by e-mail, including shipping costs and delivery times.

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