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GIULY - Blue colored glass chandelier

High quality Murano glass chandelier worked entirely by hand by our master glassmakers. Available in red, black, blue, amber, crystal and gray and with 3,5,6 and 8 lights

   Availability: made to order

   Shipping: 20-30 days

   Measurements: see the drop down menu


   Home setting --> LIVING ROOM / KITCHEN

   Type de meuble --> MODERN

   Decoration --> Fired glass + Gold leaf

   Safe and secure packaging!

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Murano Glass Lamps and Chandeliers in Amethyst color are very appreciated thanks to their gentle violet color. A glass work of art like our Murano Chandeliers will stand out in any room and will give the appearance of a precious object made entirely from Amethyst, a gemstone which has been loved and cherished since antiquity.

Violet is one of the trendiest colors today so why not go ahead and purchase a Venetian Glass Chandelier which will complement the other decorations in your home?

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