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Murano Glass vases, cups and other decorative objects of Venetian Art

This category houses our unique collection of Glass vases, bowls, candlesticks, candelabras, cornucopias, backsplashes, all of them handmade from Venetian Glass using traditional glassmaking tools like the wheel and the process of mouth-blown transparent glass or pastel glass.

They are perfect decorations for your home, regardless of style and architecture. We have classic and baroque pieces as well as modern and contemporary designs to choose from. Whatever your tastes, you will surely find something to your liking, a piece of Venetian Glass Art which will complement the rest of your home decorations and enhance the atmosphere and mood in your personal space.

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Puci Vase

Price €480.00
Murano glass vases in pastel glass available in black, white and blue outside. Silver foil and precious murrines forms the colours of the vases....

Murano Glass Clowns

Price €240.00
Glass vases from the Clown series in Murano glass. They are entirely blown and worked in the furnace by our skilled craftsmen with the addition of...

Rainbow Vase

Price €800.00
Massive Murano glass vases, with colorful striped designs or murrine inserts that are well suited to modern and design furnishings. The price is...

Monoflower Vase Gaudì

Price €250.00
Murano glass vase entirely handmade following the ancient technique of Murano glass masters. The particular processing of the single flower vase...

Bamboo vase

Price €400.00
Vases in Murano glass with references to a bamboo decoration with a pastel white glass base, decoration with amber color and silver leaf that...


Price €400.00
Glass Style Vases